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    Admission Questions

    What is SWAT? (SWAT)

    Type of Person

    People who join our SWAT programs are self-motivated, committed to building all three SWAT companies of their own volition. These carefully selected companies adhere to SUís strict criteria for Social Entrepreneurship. They are low cost or free to join and require no auto ships to begin making money. SWAT students buy into the concept of becoming social entrepreneurs. They work the programs by sharing these opportunities with an agreement to use their profits to upgrade through all the different levels, eventually achieving Founder level status.

    Type of Benefits

  • Sharing With A Team

  • Synergy With A Team

  • Support With A Team

  • Success With A Team

  • Solutions With A Team

  • What is a Student Leader? (SL)

    Type of Person

    A Student Leader is someone committed to studying and learning SUís way of sharing socially, as opposed to the worlds way of doing business. They are people on a spiritual journey looking to find Godís purpose for their lives. They complete Levels 0 and 1 of the S-H-A-R-I-N-G curriculum and are passionate about sharing what they learn with others.

    Type of Benefits

  • Thousandaire Opportunities

  • Thousandaire Free Training

  • What is a Marketing Leader? (ML)

    Type of Person

    These students are committed to expanding their vision and are ready to learn about our Millionaire products. This is accomplished by upgrading through Level 5 in the school. In addition, they are responsible for public outreach, exploring creative ways to introduce new students and opportunities to SU. In the process of personally sharpening their social marketing skills, they become mentors for the Student Leaders, leading by example to expand their mindset for what is possible. Their growth is reflected in achieving SUís leader ranking in all three SWAT companies.

    Type of Benefits

  • Millionaire Opportunities

  • Millionaire Tools & Training

  • What is a Managing Partner? (MP)

    Type of Person

    Managing Partners complete Levels 6 through 10 in the curriculum. They are challenged to learn how to think like a Billionaire by developing an unlimited mindset. With great opportunity comes equal responsibility. Managing Partners have the distinction of receiving leads generated by SU and are responsible for distributing those valuable leads appropriately to their Marketing Leaders. In addition, they are responsible for tracking those leads, ensuring consistent and professional follow-up and providing training and support to Student and Marketing Leaders where needed.

    Type of Benefits

  • Billionaire Opportunities

  • Billionaire Tools & Training

  • What is a Cash Flow Managing Partner? (CFMP)

    Type of Person

    These people, often busy professionals who wish to make a difference, have the unique opportunity of working directly with SU Staff members on a corporate level. As such, they are entrusted with SUís proprietary marketing secrets and in some cases will be asked to sign non-disclosure agreements. They are committed to learning and employing marketing strategies to achieve the income goals they have established. In exchange for SU collaboratively building their income revenue streams, they agree to provide their meaningful contacts for the purpose of reaching their goals and expanding the student body of SU. They will have support in the areas required to achieve that success. In turn, they agree to assist any and all students in the school, regardless of their team affiliation.

    Type of Benefits

  • Marketing Help To Achieve Cash Flow Goals

  • First Mover Advantage On Proven Marketing Strategies

  • Residual Income On The Largest Industries In The World

  • What is a Community Advocate? (CA)

    Type of Person

    Achieving Advocate status is the ultimate accomplishment in S-H-A-R-I-N-G University and represents the highest level of leadership in the school. Community Advocates have completed and been certified in all 10 Levels of the curriculum. They are highly trained individuals ready to serve humanity on a global scale. Ideally, Advocates are available to travel to disaster locations, and areas enduring great hardship, with the ability to make a discernable difference. This may include physical labor, high-level coaching, providing professional skill sets as needed and the ability to personally contribute financially in accordance with their God-given purpose.

    Type of Benefits

  • Travel the World, Helping People and Empowering Organizations

  • Represent SU in Prisons and with Governments around the World

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