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    Wednesday, April 24, 2019
    Global Cell Service – Get Started Today - Easy As 1, 2, 3

    1) Watch Presentation

    2) Become A Free Rep

    3) Buy Cell Service

    AMZ Mobile made a heartfelt decision in 2018 to change the face of business by pioneering what is called Social Marketing which simply means their agents gather customers through using relationships not advertising dollars. AMZ Mobile has changed the course of business in the telecommunications industry. Now more than ever people have options that they have never had before with a company that puts the consumer first instead of profits.

    The Social Commerce Network is where people are rewarded for spreading the word about AMZ Mobile’s great prices and services through their social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn in addition to their friends and family. AMZ Mobile is dedicated to helping people save money on their wireless bills!

    Both customers and agents can earn FREE wireless service just by referring customers. Instead of you paying for your wireless phone bill each month, AMZ Mobile pays YOU. When were you last paid for referring someone to your cell phone carrier? With traditional multi-level companies most people end up being discouraged and losing money instead of making money. Not so with AMZ Mobile. AMZ Mobile is built for people to work socially without having monthly business expenses. In fact, people save money by using AMZ Mobile’s products.

    By taking a fresh approach to business, instead of paying billions of dollars on retail locations and traditional advertising, AMZ Mobile gives their members the opportunity to save money as well as earn income for sharing products and services people need and use on a daily basis.

    Creating Wealth

    AMZ Mobile was designed to help people save money and at the same time give their customers choices on their cell phone service. Partnering with AT&T, AMZ Mobile offers cutting edge technology, leading personal devices, no-contract, 4G national mobile phone service with unlimited voice, text, and data plans with reliable nationwide coverage, fast speeds, best wireless plans, and the highest quality for the price in the industry today. AMZ Mobile’s goal is to help people by showing them how to get their wireless service for free and how to create an income in their own business helping others do the same! Members can lower monthly expenses by earning free mobile service and distributors can earn a monthly income providing financial relief for them and their families.

    Helping the Poor

    AMZ Mobile makes it possible for people to get free mobile service every single month. The impact of what that means is that people who struggle to pay their monthly bills can now get three paying customers and then they will have free monthly mobile service for life as long as their customers they remain with AMZ Mobile.

    A cell phone is something everyone needs including the homeless. Homeless people have very few options when it comes to making money, so the free service AMZ Mobile makes obtainable is a big deal and makes a huge difference in their lives. The homeless need a cell phone so social service agencies can contact them. A cell phone becomes one of the most valuable possessions a homeless person has as the only point of contact for most and a source of hope and entertainment as well.

    When you eliminate a mobile service monthly bill that makes a difference with a lot of families. Most people that go bankrupt could have avoided bankruptcy if only they had an extra $300 a month. If a person just makes an extra $300 to $500 per month, that means a family or individual can eliminate the decision for having to put food on their table or go through a financial disaster. With very little effort a person can earn $200 a month which could pay their car payment, or put gas in their car so they can get to work. By getting 10 customers and the 10 each get 10 customers, it is not long before a person is making an unbelievable residual monthly income. In fact 10 who get 10 down 10 levels is more than people we have on the whole planet. Everyone knows about cell phones and AMZ Mobile has provided a way for people to share how they can save money with AMZ Mobile’s Mobile Service Plans and make money too.

    Going social is made easy with AMZ Mobile. I have helped the homeless for over 25 years and have found that cell phones are the easiest thing to talk to people about; it is truly a social product. When I tell people they can get “free” cell phone service, I get their attention. That is one thing that even a homeless person understands because most of the homeless have owned a cell phone at some point in their life and have the skill sets to talk about them.

    I personally met with many agencies that help the homeless including the City of Seattle and they all approved SHARING Mobile Service as a solid income so if a homeless person makes even $100 a month, we can get them into their own apartment where they can stay for up to two years. While they are in transitional housing we work with them to get their income up so they can get into permanent housing and if they make enough we can get them into home ownership.

    If it were not for AMZ Mobile having a way for people to receive “free mobile service” and make money, options for the homeless getting into AMZ Mobile housing would be greatly diminished. A list of organizations we work with include the Federal Government where they refer people straight out of prison where we can help them with housing and other resources.

    AMZ Mobile has given me and others a way of helping these people get on their feet and have a way back into society. I owe a tremendous thanks to AMZ Mobile personally for their vision of helping people become a reality.

    AMZ Mobile – A Perfect Fundraiser

    AMZ Mobile gives organizations a way to receive residual income each month while providing their supporters savings on products they use on a daily basis.

    Non-profit organizations are having to cut back on their programs because of the economy and lack of funds. Churches contributions are way down and need a way to continue needed programs. Schools need fund raisers to support their many student programs and there is always equipment to purchase. Businesses can use fund raisers to support their favorite charities or give a boost to their struggling business as well as buy cell phones for their employees. College students love having a way to provide for their college tuition and expenses. And individuals can actually earn a substantial income just by sharing AMZ Mobile in their social networks and conducting fundraisers. It has been proven that a person can earn $50,000 a month or more just by offering AMZ Mobile’s phone service and using their platform as a fundraiser. Help an organization you love by setting up a fundraiser with them. If you need assistance, AMZ Mobile has the support and training you need. For more information contact the person that referred you to the AMZ Mobile opportunity.

    AMZ Mobile – The Opportunity

    AMZ Mobile has a simple concept. Members save on mobile service and products they use every single day. Members can make a substantial income when they refer people they know to AMZ Mobile. Simple! Save money and earn money. That is AMZ Mobile’s goal and they are fulfilling that goal.

    A person can go from free service to earning income with their social networks just by becoming an agent for free. But there is still more money at the end of this rainbow. Help your agents get free service in your organization and your commissions will grow.

    AMZ Mobile is the perfect opportunity! Never before in the history of direct selling has there been a company that offers FREE enrollment, FREE Service, and pays an upfront and annual or residual income! Finally there is and it is called AMZ Mobile!

    Make AMZ Mobile a Priority

    AMZ Mobile was started with you in mind. They made an expensive monthly bill manageable for everyone including the homeless. AMZ Mobile’s goal is to help the poor and sick and they give you a simple way to help as well. Join AMZ Mobile’s vision by joining with the person who referred you. Remember if you decide to tell your friends and family about AMZ Mobile, you can earn free service forever and with as little as 8 referrals you can have a free business and make money as you continue to grow out your AMZ Mobile Network.