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    Wednesday, January 22, 2020
    AI Crypto Technology Helps Make Compound Interest A Reality

    Crypto Trading

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    With new technology coming alive every single day, new opportunities are arising to make a lot of money and what we are seeing is that digital currency is a very good means of creating wealth in a short amount of time. Bitcoin is attracting people globally who realize the need to diversify in our world economy.

    The World’s Best Cryptocurrency Technology

    Our Bitcoin Companies were created to revolutionize the trading market of digital coins. What that means is that our traders use Bitcoin as leverage so they are taking the value of a Bitcoin and paying out profits on a daily basis. That way you can leverage your Bitcoin and earn daily passive Bitcoin through automated trading of the top ten performing daily digital currencies.

    S-H-A-R-I-N-G University students can set their risk level on low, medium, or high. Remember the traders software helps members buy low and sell high allowing members to generate profit every day.

    What is trading? It is a type of negotiation that takes place in the financial market, intensively using sophisticated technologic tools to get information of the market and use it to exchange financial securities such as assets or options. In other words, the TCC software helps you buy an investment low and sell high.

    It is predicted that the price will increase to over $10,000 per Bitcoin by the end of 2019. That is why getting in now is so important for you and your family. If you have been thinking about using Bitcoin as a viable currency, S-H-A-R-I-N-G University will show you how to earn Bitcoin on a daily basis so you can earn as many Bitcoins as you want.

    Who Determines The Price Of Bitcoin

    We the people determine the price of Bitcoin; the more popular it gets and the rarer it gets, that is what drives up the price of Bitcoin. Globally, realistically speaking, there are very few people around the world that own Bitcoin. The more popular Bitcoin becomes, the more the price will increase. Now is the best time to get into Bitcoin because it is getting more and more popular on a daily basis and it has already gone through the proving stage.

    According to, 8751 businesses take Bitcoin as an acceptable currency. For companies that do not accept Bitcoin at this time, downloading the Cash App and using it at your favorite stores will work nicely. Cryptocurrencies are legal in most countries around the world.


    We are helping to educate, provide services for, secure, protect, and ultimately profit from the cryptocurrency market. Our goal is to provide many opportunities for our members to take part in this digital transformation.

    EASY AS 1-2-3...

    Go to the person that referred you and get signed up right away. Then start inviting people to join you in this exciting new company and start making daily commissions. We look forward to your success!

    Step 1) Get a Bitcoin wallet. It is easy to send bitcoin to your Bitcoin Wallet. Bitcoin Wallets are like a bank account, you put money in your bank account so you can make purchases. Bitcoin Wallets usually have an app for iPhone and Android phones so you can take your wallet with you wherever you go. Your Bitcoin Wallet is where you get your Bitcoin address to send and receive bitcoin. Your wallet will have a unique identifier or address, such as: 1JArS6jzE3AJ9sZ3aFij1BmTcpFGgN86hA. Your wallet will also come with a QR code so you can scan with a smartphone when making purchases and sending and receiving funds so you do not have to manually type out your Bitcoin address. You may have to verify your email address and phone number. Go to your email and find the email and click on the link indicated. Put in the code that is texted to your phone to verify your phone number. Fill out your Profile information under ‘Settings’. You will find the number for Update Information under ‘Invite Friends’ when you click on your name in the upper right hand corner. Make sure you keep track of your User Name and Password.

    Step 2) Buy Bitcoin at Coinbase, Abra App and Cash App on your phone or from individuals that you know. When you sign up at Coinbase, you will need to upload your ID. When buying on an exchange, you would provide your Bitcoin address at the time of purchase and the bitcoins will be transferred directly into your wallet. To buy bitcoins from an individual, open your wallet on your phone, have the seller scan your QR code with their phone, and they can send their bitcoin to you instantly from their wallet. You can also buy bitcoins from an individual on your computer from your Bitcoin Wallet. For people in New York go to Coin Mama or Local Bitcoin to purchase Bitcoin.

    Step 3) Spend Bitcoin with your VISA Debit Card. More and more businesses are accepting bitcoin. has one of the most comprehensive lists of businesses that use bitcoin. If you want to spend Bitcoin everywhere then download your BitPay App on your mobile device. Once you do that, order a BitPay VISA Card and connect it to your BitPay Wallet to start spending your bitcoin. 

    If you are buying online such as at, they give you an identifier to send the bitcoins directly to them or use your BitPay VISA Card. It is very simple and takes less time than entering your credit card information. Just scan the QR code with your phone, push “send payment” and the transaction is then completed.