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Step 3) Master SWAT

 Billionaire Marketing

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  • Target Marketing
  • Creating A Global Movement

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    Shaping Our Future
    Sunday, December 15, 2019
    Help Business Spend Smart Money And Become A Billionaire In The Process

    Give us a copy of your bill and we can save you money over 90% of the time.

    1. Voice, Internet, TV
     ● NFL and MLB Ticket for Direct TV
    2. Cellular Phone Bills
    3. Utilities
    4. Payroll Services
    5. Office Supplies and office equipment (computers, desks, etc)
    6. Linens, Uniforms and Mats
    7. Credit Card merchant processing for auditing purposes
    8. Food-We rarely can touch alcohol
    9. Hood Oven Cleaning
    10. Pharmacy & Medical Supplies
    11. Garbage
     ● Including Medical waste disposal (sterile waste)
     ● Grease/Oil disposal
    12. Dishwasher- Ice Machines
    13. Ice Machine Maintenance
    14. Landscaping
    15. Workers Comp Insurance/Audit
     ● Provide Workers Comp Insurance
    16. Security services
    17. Business insurance
    18. Janitorial Services
    19. Document shredding
    20. Motor vehicle and commercial fleet insurance
    21. Fleet maintenance
    22. Computer software vendors
    23. Shipping and packaging
     ● FedEx Discounts, FedEx Auditing
     ● UPS Auditing
     ● Any other shipping audits
    24. Floor mats, cleaning and lab supplies
    25. Manufacturing materials
    26. Pest Control
    27. CO2
    28. Human Resources Consulting
    29. Cost Segregation
    30. Get anything else that is on the P&L