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    Tuesday, February 18, 2020
    Micro Transactions Are The Future Of Crypto Currency

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    Digital Payments have several important features that set it apart from government-backed currencies which include being hassle free, easy to set up internationally, fast, cost-effective, completely transparent, and is anonymous. Unlike processing credit cards, Digital Payments have low to no fees and no chargebacks allowing businesses to pass those savings to their customers and gain competitive advantage. Digital Payments have the potential to reduce small business expenses and create a platform for countless new enterprises.

    Where Can Digital Payments Be Used?

    Digital Payments can be used to purchase goods and services electronically at thousands of businesses worldwide and is especially popular in Europe, Mexico and the United States.

    To download your Free Digital Payment App go to your App Store and start your Digital Payment Shopping experience today. You can use Digital Payments to purchase pizzas, manicures, web hosting services, produce at farmers markets, security services, online products and services, pharmaceuticals, movie tickets and just about anything you can think of. For your convenience, there are now Digital Payment QR Code Scanners that can be used to purchase products and services making it even easier to use Digital Payments.

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    Step 1) Get a Bitcoin wallet. It is easy to send bitcoin to your Bitcoin Wallet. Bitcoin Wallets are like a bank account, you put money in your bank account so you can make purchases. Bitcoin Wallets usually have an app for iPhone and Android phones so you can take your wallet with you wherever you go. Your Bitcoin Wallet is where you get your Bitcoin address to send and receive bitcoin. Your wallet will have a unique identifier or address, such as: 1JArS6jzE3AJ9sZ3aFij1BmTcpFGgN86hA. Your wallet will also come with a QR code so you can scan with a smartphone when making purchases and sending and receiving funds so you do not have to manually type out your Bitcoin address. You may have to verify your email address and phone number. Go to your email and find the email and click on the link indicated. Put in the code that is texted to your phone to verify your phone number. Fill out your Profile information under ‘Settings’. You will find the number for Update Information under ‘Invite Friends’ when you click on your name in the upper right hand corner. Make sure you keep track of your User Name and Password.

    Step 2) Buy Bitcoin at Coinbase, Abra App and Cash App on your phone or from individuals that you know. When you sign up at Coinbase, you will need to upload your ID. When buying on an exchange, you would provide your Bitcoin address at the time of purchase and the bitcoins will be transferred directly into your wallet. To buy bitcoins from an individual, open your wallet on your phone, have the seller scan your QR code with their phone, and they can send their bitcoin to you instantly from their wallet. You can also buy bitcoins from an individual on your computer from your Bitcoin Wallet. For people in New York go to Coin Mama or Local Bitcoin to purchase Bitcoin.

    Step 3) Spend Bitcoin with your VISA Debit Card. More and more businesses are accepting bitcoin. has one of the most comprehensive lists of businesses that use bitcoin. If you want to spend Bitcoin everywhere then download your BitPay App on your mobile device. Once you do that, order a BitPay VISA Card and connect it to your BitPay Wallet to start spending your bitcoin. 

    If you are buying online such as at, they give you an identifier to send the bitcoins directly to them or use your BitPay VISA Card. It is very simple and takes less time than entering your credit card information. Just scan the QR code with your phone, push “send payment” and the transaction is then completed.