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    Wednesday, January 22, 2020
    Mitochondria Bio Nutrients Give Energy To The Cell

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    Get back what you had before and more! Restore is a second-generation product in the UltraMito line of mitochondriarelated products. It was created by scientist and formulator Dr. Bevan Elliott and uses his recently developed, proprietary technology designed to potentiate the mitochondria.

    The mitochondria is the component in your cells that produces energy, and is involved in virtually every significant cellular function.

    Dr. Elliott’s research indicates that what affects health the most is the health of the mitochondria. You literally can’t be your healthiest without lots of healthy mitochondria. If the health of the mitochondria can be improved, overall health can be improved.

    Restore is an adaptogenic formulation designed to promote:

  • Stimulant free, natural energy from the mitochondria that can outlast your longest day,
  • Mood enhancement, chronic stress reduction and improved cognitive function,
  • Deeper, more restorative sleep,
  • Cellular detoxification and repair,
  • Immune system enhancement with antiparasitic and antipathogenic support,
  • Body wide support for major organ systems,
  • Enhanced ability for the body to manage itself and maintain homeostasis.

    To accomplish these objectives natural ingredients are preferred as they tend to be multifunctional and have fewer side effects.

    Restore uses two ancient super foods: olive oil, along with olive leaf, and black seed oil. Both abound with health benefits and have been used successfully as natural remedies for thousands of years. To those, additional antioxidants, adaptogens, and essential oils are added that have specific functionality and documented health benefits.

    The two super foods along with the additional ingredients are amplified by a delivery system called XDS (Exponential Delivery System). This proprietary nutrient delivery system was developed by Dr. Elliott to target every cell in the body and deliver nutrition deep into cells and into mitochondria.

    This is important because to have the very best results, great natural ingredients alone is not good enough. Many natural substances can have poor deliverability and don’t easily get to where they need to go, to do the most good. XDS formulations rectify this in a powerful way.

    Typically, only a fraction of what is the norm for a given bioactive ingredient is used while delivering it so effectively that much greater benefit can result. So, nutrients tend to work faster and with much greater effectiveness for more people.

    Super Food Benefits

    What makes the olive components and black seed oil true super foods is how numerous and diverse their benefits can be. Documented Benefits of Olive oil along with olive leaf and Black Seed Oil include:

  • Excessive fatigue relief
  • Anticancer benefits
  • Healthy blood sugar support
  • Healthy blood pressure support
  • Heart and cardiovascular support
  • General major organ support
  • Weight loss
  • Hair
  • Skin
  • Anti-parasitic, anti-pathogen (viruses, bad bacteria, fungus, mold …) support
  • Cholesterol improvement
  • Immune response support (arthritis. Fibromyalgia, etc.)

    (Link to Ingredient List, study references and articles)

    The benefits of Restore can be especially important to:

  • Those experiencing an extreme energy deficit perhaps due to long hours, lack of sleep, side effects from medication, aging or generally being run down,
  • Athletes striving for extreme performance,
  • Working moms (or dads) who want to have the mental and physical energy left at the end of the day to enjoy some "me time" indulgences,
  • Anyone who just wants to be as healthy as they can possibly be with less emotional stress and physical discomfort. Restore was made for you!

    Try Restore today and launch a rescue mission for your cells powered by your mitochondria.

    How to take Restore

    The recommended dose of Restore is 4 mL (4/5 teaspoon) per day. How you take Restore is a matter of personal preference. It can be taken morning or evening in a single dose or split up, with or without food. Some people have reported having very vivid dreams, in some cases for the first time since they were very young. If you don’t want to dream, consider taking restore earlier in the day or first thing in the morning.

    What to expect, how quickly does it work

    Some, especially if they were already on XDS products, report same-day results, Most people report benefits in days or weeks. Others will take a month or more, especially depending upon how much detoxification needs to be done.

    Those with complex health situations including medications and other supplements they may be taking should be patient. The conventional wisdom is to allow at least three months to give any nutraceutical a fair test.

    Restore Ingredients

    (Studies and references to be added. In the mean time you can search for “Heath benefits of ingredient” for more information)

    1. Extra Virgin Olive Oil (olea europaea)
    2. Organic Olive Leaf (olea europaea)
    3. Black Seed Oil (nigella sativa)
    4. Astaxanthin,
    5. Pterostilbene
    6. Lemon extract (citrus limon)
    7. Blood Orange extract (citrus senensis)
    8. Frankincense extract (boswellia carterii)
    9. Turmeric Root
    10. Turmeric oil
    11. CoQ10 (ubiquinone)
    12. Acetyl-L-Carnitine
    13. R-Lipoic Acid
    14. Panax Ginseng extract
    15. Bacopa Monnieri extract
    16. L-Theanine
    17. Rhodiola extract
    18. Luteolin
    19. C-Ecklonia Cava extract
    20. Spirulina
    21. Celery Seed Oil –Blood Pressure
    22. Vitamin K2-MK7
    23. D3
    24. Vitamin A
    25. Bilberry Leaf -Vision
    26. Eleuthero Root
    27. fenugreek
    28. Schisandra
    29. Cordyceps
    30. Palmitoylethanolamide (PEA)
    31. Magnolia extract

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