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    Friday, February 22, 2019
    Cell Regeneration, Cell Nutrition, Cell Communication And Cell Fortification

    For a long time people have been exploring the frontiers of science and technology searching for means to disease prevention, and a healthy long life. Progressive science points out that the key to good health lies in cellular REGENERATION that restores the original function of tissues and organs in the face of aging, infections, and environmental insults.

    Mebo has been a world leader for 31 years always on the cutting edge in Human Cell Regeneration as well as Stem Cell activity and rejuvenation. This product is life-changing as it activates the brain to release tremendous amounts of Stem Cells that search out and find the damaged cells that need rejuvenation and repair even for whole organs.

    Dr. Rongxiang Xu, the prominent scientist and clinician and the founder of MEBO International Group, and has served as Chairman of the Board since its establishment in 1987. For 20 years of research and clinical practice, Dr. Xu has led a team of scientists to make the dream of human regeneration possible and accessible to the general public. He has invented a series of MEBO products that aim to prevent and treat premature aging, and diseases associated with organ and cellular degeneration. Starting with regeneration of the skin, the largest organ of the body, Dr. Xu established an innovative medical and nutritional system, formulated for oral delivery, that enables the body to REGENERATE AND REPAIR ITSELF, maximizing its health and lifespan.

    MEBO selectively inhibit cancer cell growth

    Having proved that the MEBO regenerative substances are able to stimulate and sustain vigorous growth and differentiation of healthy human cells, Dr. Xu asked the converse question: "How do MEBO regenerative substances affect cancer cells?" A series of cellular experiments has been demonstrated that, not only cancer cells, but also other abnormal cells which mutated and immortalized by virus, are not able to sustain their growth in the presence of MEBO substances. Instead, the damaged cells undergo a growth arrest, followed by removal and replacement by a healthy cell. MEBO selectively inhibit cancer cell growth while promoting regeneration of normal tissue! Consistent with the results obtained from the cell culture experiments, the cells in human tumor tissues also stop growing, leading to a disintegration of the tumor tissues. Such unique dual function of MEBO brings hope to the millions of cancer patients, and to the possibility of future cancer prevention and treatment approach, that could eliminate or minimize common problems associated with conventional cancer therapy.


    Mebo Regenerative System potentiates and maximizes the ability of the body to heal itself. Harnessing that natural power of the body to regenerate itself, MEBO scientists are also developing additional MEBO products that promise to significantly impact human health. These include remedies for prevention and treatment of neurodegenerative diseases, diabetes, and other diseases associated with organ degeneration and failure. Mebo scientists believe that these new technologies will help to promote healthy and productive life for millions of people.

    Organ Regeneration Using MEBO System Mimics Embryonic Development

    Cells are building blocks of a living organism. It is necessary to insure cellular health to stimulate regenerative process. It was found that at the cellular level, in the presence of Mebo substances, ordinary adult somatic cells could be induced to behave like embryonic stem cells. More surprisingly, under the conditions provided by the MEBO, the cells are proliferate and differentiate according to the tissue and the function of the affected organ. Mimicking the regenerative power of a fetus, these cells are programmed by the body’s own intelligence to multiply and replace the abnormal cells, inducing scar-less healing of the entire organ. To differentiate such cells from normal adult stem cells, Dr. Xu coined the name for these cells as " Potential Regenerative Cells " (PRCs).

    Potential Regenerative Cells (PRCs) vs Induced Pluripotent Stem cells(iPS)

    Based on the experiments and clinical studies, Dr. Xu proposed that PRCs exist in virtually every tissue and organ of the body and may not need specific "niches" to be tucked away. Unlike the iPS cells produced BY INSERTING exogenous genes in order to maintain an undifferentiated state,* the native PRCs EXISTING in the body need not to be genetically engineered in order to be activated or induced to behave like stem cells. Unlike the iPS cells, the PRCs in the presence of the MEBO regenerative substances do not differentiate chaotically to form tumor-like cell masses. Instead, the differentiation of PRCs follows a lineage specific to the site of the body from which the PRCs are originally isolated. Such a path is clearly illustrated by the formation of the intestinal villi from small intestinal cells isolated from normal human intestines. In the presence of the environment provided by MEBO substances, a single, isolated adult intestinal cell MULTIPIES and DIFFERENTIATES into various cells, such as, epithelial cells, goblet cells, Paneth cells, and endocrinal cells, which adhered to each other to form the distinct, brush-like structure of intestinal villi. Similar formation of tissues from PRCs has been observed in the cell culture of various tissues and organs, such as heart, lung, liver, pancreas, bone marrow, and nerves, in the presence of an environment created by MEBO.

    Most significantly, a series of products based on MEBO regenerative substances have been continually developed to promote tissue and organ regeneration in the body. For example, an oral formulation based on the MEBO regenerative substances has been clinically tested and found to be able to repair and regenerate the mucosal lining of the gastrointestinal tract without scar formation, which is consistent with the regeneration of skin using MEBO/MEBT.



    Product Advantages:

  • Provides an innovative formulation that mimics mucus naturally secreted by mucosa and adheres to the GI lining to protect the mucosa from further injury or irritation.
  • Isolates GI lesions from the low pH environment of the stomach so as to promote physiological regeneration and repair of mucosal membrane.
  • Provides regenerative nutrients to the GI Tract to stimulate self-healing of the body via cultivation of stem cells.
  • Reduces or eliminates scarring of the GI lining to promote efficient absorption of nutrients and prevent relapse of GI disorders.

    Repair & Regeneration of Mucosa of the Gastrointestinal (GI) Tract

  • Peptic Ulcer
  • Gastroduodenal ulcer
  • Gastritis
  • Esophagitis
  • Gastro-Esophageal Reflux Disease (GERD)
  • Damage to mucosa due to radiation and chemotherapy
  • Cancer in the GI Tract (e.g., gastric cancer, colon cancer)

    Prevention & Relief of GI Tract Disorders

  • Constipation
  • Irritation to stomach by alcohol or spicy food
  • Atrophy, necrosis, erosion or degeneration of mucosa due to aging and/or stress

    MEBO Gastrointestinal Capsules (GIC) is developed based on dramatic clinical successes of regeneration of new skin of burnt patients by using MEBO's regenerative substances to induce normal somatic cells to behave like stem cells and to ensure the normal proliferation and differentiation of cells in the epithelium.

    Formulated by using MEBO's proprietary technologies, the GIC orally delivers the regenerative substances to the gastrointestinal tract to stimulate regeneration and repair of the mucosal tissues which may be damaged by various disorders such as ulcers, gastritis, acid reflux and by chemotherapeutic agents and radiation.


    Product Description:

    Soft gel capsules containing natural ingredients including sesame oil, beeswax, and other edible herbs, which provide phytosterols, bio-flavones, essential fatty acids, and vitamin E.

    Number of caps per bottle : 40 1/2 grams caps

    Each capsule contains:

  • Natural Vitamin E 100-250 μg
  • flavonoids 150-300 μg
  • sitosterol 1.25-4.75 mg
  • linoleic acid 175-275 mg
  • oleic acid 125-225 mg

    plus sesame oil, beeswax and other proprietary ingredients...
    Capsule is golden brown in look.

    Use as General Health Food Supplement

  • Enhancing absorption of nutrients from food
  • Promoting regeneration and health of normal cells in the body
  • Maintaining homeostasis of the body

    Direction for Use:

    ***For 1/2 gram caps*** Adjust for jumbo 1.35 gram caps! ***These directions are only suggested... each person will have to find what works best for them. Some take less some take more according to their personal desire. But always start with less!!

    2 times/day, Audlt: 3-5 Caps/time; Child: 1-2 Caps/time one hour before meal, or at gastrointesintal discomfort


    • Room temperature

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