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    Friday, September 20, 2019
    S-H-A-R-I-N-G University A Spiritual And Humanitarian Organization

    Dr. Theodis Gamet ~ Founder of S-H-A-R-I-N-G University

    An amazing thing happened in 1983 when Dr. Theodis Gamet just turned 16 years old. Within an eight day timeframe Dr. Gamet went to three different church services and had the very same thing happen to him in all three services. Right in the middle of the sermon, the pastors stopped preaching, pointed at Dr. Gamet, and each one basically told him the very same thing: that God had something special for Dr. Gamet to do and that God would use him to influence lives and help a lot of people.

    The odds of Dr. Gamet being at three different meetings with three different pastors that he did not know each saying the same thing in the same way would be impossible. But God was revealing a message to Dr. Theodis Gamet.

    The message came through loud and clear that Dr. Gamet would be used for God’s Kingdom and that He had something very special for Dr. Gamet to do. Even though Dr. Gamet had a total belief in God as a youth, the three prophecies got him seeking God’s direction for his life and his life’s mission became to serve God. So at the young age of 16, God started showing Dr. Gamet ahead of time what He wanted him to do.

    When Dr. Gamet was in high school he went to advanced classes half a day and went to college half a day. At YVCC in Yakima, WA he took computer programming and learned different types of programming which would aid him later in his life.

    Dr. Gamet graduated from high school in June of 1986 and went into the Marine Corps March 2, 1987. The reason Dr. Gamet joined the marines was because he believed God called him to minister to the enlisted men and people around the world.

    Dr. Gamet’s time in the Marine Corps was instrumental in giving him a broad global perspective. Being one of the first 300 Marines to enter the Persian Gulf War Desert Shield and Desert Storm, it was Dr. Gamet’s job to communicate with other communications personnel in the war effort. Going to 13 different countries gave Dr. Gamet firsthand knowledge of how to help people on a global scale.

    God was leading Dr. Gamet in everything that he did preparing him for his life’s mission and it was in 1991 after he left the marines and right before he entered Puget Sound Christian College that he became aware of what that mission was. In 1991 God gave Dr. Gamet a Vision showing him that he would spend the rest of his life helping the homeless. Even though at first he didn’t like the idea, Dr. Gamet came to love his calling and his mission in life started to make more sense to him.

    With solid roots from his Native American Blood, Dr. Theodis Gamet has always been a man of vision. Dr. Gamet has a heart to help people and especially the most needy – the homeless. Dr. Gamet realized that God was calling him to learn business and that God would equip him with the knowledge needed to help the homeless in numerous ways.

    Dr. Gamet went to Puget Sound Christian College from 1991 to 1993. He studied to be a pastor and while he was in college he actually had multiple jobs which supplied him with 10 sources of income. Dr. Gamet was a pastor on Sundays; worked at Radio Shack on Saturdays; had his own landscaping business that he hired out; had multiple scholarships; taught tennis lessons, and he figured out how to get paid while doing his homework by being a security officer at night. Dr. Gamet made approximately $10,000 a month putting himself through college while taking more than full time credits.

    God helped Dr. Gamet be very creative in business and at the same time God was providing him with all the money he needed to do research and development and traveling all over the country studying businesses and business strategies figuring out why some businesses were successful and why others were not.

    In 1991 when the worldwide web started, developed, and expanded Dr. Gamet searched out information on the Internet and everything he could get his hands on to find businesses even the homeless could do.

    Growing up in the projects, Dr. Gamet knew a lot of homeless people and those were the ones he played with on the streets. If Dr. Gamet was going to break out of the projects lifestyle with all of the druggies and the like, he would have to be strong and focus and do well in school and that is what he did. Even though Dr. Gamet got out of the projects he never forgot his friends on the streets because he knew firsthand that they did not have much hope or possibilities for advancement.

    In 1996 a prophetess found out about Dr. Gamet and prophesied over him and told him basically the same thing the other pastors had but expounded even more. She told Dr. Gamet that he would not realize his vision until he walked through it himself.

    For over a decade Dr. Gamet thought what the prophetess was talking about was for him to be involved in the business world and be successful and show people how to be successful as well, but as the prophesy worked out that was not what it was about at all. If Dr. Gamet was going to help the homeless then he had to become homeless himself and allow God to teach him by walking through his own personal experience to fulfill God’s vision.

    Even though Dr. Gamet has been focused for over 30 years drawing from his God given wealth of experiences as a marine, entrepreneur, manufacturer, teacher, youth pastor, head pastor, evangelist, prophet, and a modern day apostle, it took Dr. Gamet being obedient and humbling himself and becoming homeless to become the voice for the homeless. And with God directing him, Dr. Gamet has learned how to combine business and technology with his passion of ministering to the poor and sick.

    Dr. Gamet has a history of successes in communications with the Marine Corps as well as subsequently working with the McCaw Brothers for Cellular One, Nextel, and CLEAR which gave him his background in the communications industry. In 1991 while working full time and being enrolled full time at Puget Sound Christian College, Dr. Gamet still had time to research over 10,000 companies and contract with over 100 vendors giving him a wealth of strategizing resources at his disposal. Dr. Gamet used this wealth of knowledge for businesses and entrepreneurs to launch their own companies helping them to make fortunes. Now many years later Dr. Gamet has an understanding of business like no other.

    Dr. Gamet went on to get his Doctorate in Los Angeles at WGIU (Word Of God International University) and on graduation day, when it was his turn to accept his diploma, again everything and everybody stopped and he was prophesied over and prayed for. It was a very emotional time and one that he will always cherish and never forget. What Dr. Gamet realized at that time was the magnitude of what God had given him to do and that it is something that only God can bring about.

    Dr. Gamet is working on the post graduate work for a Doctorate of Divinity for his work “Healing The Minds” of the most poor and doing the same for a Doctorate of Ministry for “Healing The Bodies” of the most sick. His Blog is a testament to his continued work displaying his Wealth Fundraisers and Health Fundraisers which will send hope to millions of people around the world.

    Dr. Gamet is working diligently creating marketing momentum to launch different businesses into the global marketplace. He has found that the correct marketing strategies along with social marketing and the right brand is the right formula for creating a movement.  It is Dr. Gamet’s dream to create a movement for people to think outside the box creating wealth that will go all over the world helping people.  Everyone that joins this movement is not just joining a company but is joining a much larger vision.

    Dr. Gamet is gifted at putting together marketing organizations and is taking his expertise to a whole new level bringing together his business model and a global community dedicated to helping the masses. The ultimate vision that Dr. Gamet has is to create many Advocates around the world dedicated to fighting for the poor and sick so that they can become wealthy and healthy giving them the opportunity to achieve their own purpose and goals in life. Work with no play can bring a person down so that is why Dr. Gamet is also working on a way for people to receive Free Internet TV.

    A big project that Dr. Gamet is working on is providing emergency housing by manufacturing mobile office homes for homeless people that have made a choice to move forward in their lives. Once homeless people find a job or a business opportunity that provides even a meager income, S.H.A.R.I.N.G can get them into transitional housing and as their income increases, S.H.A.R.I.N.G can get them into permanent housing and even home ownership.

    By Supporting the Homeless, Poor, Sick and Social Entrepreneurs through S.H.A.R.I.N.G., Dr. Gamet is helping to make this a better world.

    S-H-A-R-I-N-G Fundraisers are designed to accommodate each person’s personality and goals and so a Social Credit App was developed to offer guidance helping them put together a fundraising plan based on their time commitment, financial situation, and circle of influence.

    It has taken many years for Dr. Gamet to find the right companies that meet his criteria and goals which include having low or no start-up costs, no high monthly monetary requirements, that have a specific purpose, and that are easy to work. What has taken so long to accomplish has now become a reality. Dr. Gamet’s driving force is to see every person realize and fulfill their purpose in life through Social Business.

    When Dr. Gamet looks back over the last 35 years he now can see plainly how God has taught him different things in his life and put him in situations where he was put in charge of training others and every time God gave him favor in those situations.

    Starting as a young teenager still in high school Dr. Gamet had never played tennis in his life and yet God brought about a learning experience for him to teach tennis lessons to kids from 5 years old up to teenagers and even adults even though he was just learning himself. Since then God has put Dr. Gamet in situations where He would teach Dr. Gamet in extraordinary ways so that Dr. Gamet could in turn teach others. Whether Dr. Gamet was teaching tennis, training others in the Marines, teaching business to companies God has always taught Dr. Gamet first then sent him out to teach others. And now God is using Dr. Gamet to train likeminded people that are called to help the poor and sick to go throughout the world and train others to do the same thing.

    When you are sick and lose hope, what does a person have left? When a person hears that they will be dying in a few months or even a few short weeks that is excruciatingly painful. Where does a person turn when they hear those words from their doctor? Soon Dr. Gamet will be bringing on board exclusive supplements that have been proven to save lives including Stage 4 Cancer, Alzheimer’s Disease, Diabetes, and much, much more. There will be special trainings on what it takes to get alkaline and healthy and introducing new technologies and breakthroughs showing people how to get toxins out of their life. If a person so desires, we will help them develop a Health Plan to meet their health goals. People are dying every day needlessly and there are proven health techniques and products that people should be taking every single day.

    The Fundraisers are more about ministry than business. Everyone wants to be healthy and have enough money for their families no matter what job or business they choose to do without high pressure or the burden of doing just another company.

    Dr. Gamet's S-H-A-R-I-N-G University is an important part of his Healing Ministry. Just about everything in our culture is based on “fear” and what does fear do? Fear inhibits, fear causes us to get stuck in our personal and business life. Sometimes we find it hard to move forward. Everyone needs Spiritual Help and God’s Greatest Creation is designed to give people the help they need to overcome barriers that hinder them.

    "Healing The Mind" Book

    Healing The Mind was designed to remove barriers so people can be all that they were meant to be. The only way this book was able to be written was because of personal experience. You cannot write about something that you have not gone through – not something like this book.

    If a person is homeless, frozen emotionally, discouraged, outcast, scared, unable to trust, and feeling helpless with no way out, this book is for you! Actually, this book is for anyone whether they have small or large barriers. Barriers are barriers that can be easily dispersed when you follow the recipe in Healing the Mind.

    Everyone has problems and most people have problems that stop them from being successful. Life gets in the way and we are afraid to tackle things in our lives that we don’t understand (fear of the unknown) and things that we see in our minds eye as being impossible to get over.

    To be able to get past those barriers and apathy that goes along with them means that we have to heal the mind and be released from things that hold us back. Those ‘things’ that have arms holding onto us and restraining us are called ‘fears!’ If we can believe, we can achieve and fears keep us from believing.

    Healing the Mind makes it possible for you to believe and so you can move forward with your life and believe in your dreams. Healing the Mind is packed with information that will help you when you apply the simple method of clearing out baggage that you have held onto for years. Healing the Mind is the answer to get to where you want to go.

    Over 90% of people today have fears holding them back and those fears are costing you your life. They are costing you the life you really want to live but because of those darn barriers you have forgotten your dreams and not realized your purpose in life.

    Healing the Mind will help you get back into contact with who you really are and give you the power to smash through those barriers and live the life you were intended to live.

    "Healing The Body" Book

    Healing the Body is about the power of prayer. Prayer in itself is not powerful until our prayers get connected to the power source. When we are focused on God our Creator and live according to His will then He has our attention.

    When we are focused on God and interacting with Him miracles are possible. Scripture says: “I will cry out to God Most High” and when we do that “He is near to all who call upon Him, to all who call upon Him in truth. He will fulfill the desire of those who fear Him; He also will hear their cry and save them. The Lord preserves all who love Him.”

    God did something special for Lisa Williams. She was declared brain dead with no chance of survival by her doctors. The doctors all agreed that there was not a chance for Lisa to survive because she had been brain dead for 7 to 8 days and only machines kept her body functioning.

    Could Lisa pray for herself? Not at all. Lisa had a heart attack and was unconscious. Lisa died as Dr. Theodis Gamet tried to keep her alive while the paramedics were on their way and was only revived after 10 minutes with 6 paramedics doing their best to resuscitate her.

    When a person lives their life to please God and to do everything in their power to follow Him and His ways, that is a man after God’s own heart. A person that wants to please God in everything they do is the person that has the ear of the Most High God when they cry out.

    God is wanting people to acknowledge Him in everything they do. It is not a religious thing, it is a commitment thing, to follow truth to the best of their ability.

    By reading the true account of Lisa Williams, you will discover how Healing The Body reveals how God wants to intervene in our lives and how it is still possible today for people who love God and are called according to His purpose to come together for a common need to experience such a miracle as this.

    Read and learn how God answered the prayers of people who put Him first in their lives. This is God’s will for each and every one of those who believe in Him.

    "Healing The Soul" Book

    Healing The Soul is about our emotions getting healed from hurts and things that weight us down not allowing us to move forward in our lives. When you have a lot of hurts inside, it is like your eyes are looking inward at all those hurts to protect those hurts and relive those hurts because they become your friends albeit not nice friends but friends nonetheless.

    Having hurts that have not been resolved is like having a hole in your soul. The hole goes from front to back all the way through and when you are given opportunities to advance in life you look down at that hole and think, “I can’t do that; I’m not able to do that” and you let good opportunities go by because all you can see is that big hole that you have to try to get fixed somehow. Trouble is, you have no clue how to mend your heart and let go of the hurts.

    The hole in your soul keeps you from the things that you desire in life. Hurts keep you out of meaningful relationships, jobs that you feel you are not qualified for, and opportunities that you wish with all of your heart that you could do but you have no strength to even believe much less follow through with. Sometimes you might think, “I can do this one” but then as soon as you think that you look and that thought went straight through that hole.  You then come to the same conclusion again that good things are just a vapor that are not for you.

    When is that hole going to be healed? Truth is, it will never be gone until you take the time to find a way for your emotions to be healed. You may not even realize what emotions are holding you back. But you will learn how to let those hurtful things go when you read Healing the Soul. You will find answers to your questions and a way to finally get your emotions healed.

    Healing the Soul will give you hope so you can move forward; it will give you peace, purpose, and belief that there is something bigger than you and that you can be a meaningful part of that something.

    When you have a purpose in life that is greater than yourself then you will have a big enough reason to get healed of past hurts. Getting healed of emotional hurts is so freeing. People will see you in a whole new light and you will be on your way to a whole new meaningful life.

    "Healing The Spirit" Book

    Healing The Spirit is about a way to come into a meaningful relationship with our Creator. You will find out who He is and how to communicate with Him. You will find out the importance of worshipping, praying and singing to Him. Healing the Spirit is about feeding your spirit what it needs so it can flourish and help you to accomplish God’s purpose.

    God our Creator is looking for those who love Him and that will look to Him for His direction in their life. He is looking for people that believe that He is great and that He does great and mighty things for those who love and trust Him. God is looking for people that will allow Him to work through them for the good of mankind.

    God has always wanted a relationship with man but history shows that man turns to his own way and tries to do things his way instead of God’s way.

    You might ask, “What is God’s Way?” If you look around the world you will find that people believe different things. In fact, you will not find two people that believe exactly the same way. And accordingly, you will find that there is no religion that believes like another religion. All have their own ideas and beliefs. That is why we need to seek God and humble ourselves and trust Him. God actually looks to see if there is anyone on the earth who understands and who seeks Him. God is looking for those people to bless and He will reveal His purpose here on earth to them.

    When we seek wanting to know what God wants for our life and seek truth so that we can follow Him in truth, we are humbling ourselves before the Most High God and He says that He will not withhold any good thing from those who walk uprightly. In fact the secret of the Lord is with those who fear Him. It is the person who fears the Lord that He will teach His ways. The person that fears God and walks in His way is the one who shall dwell in heavenly treasures; and God will show those people His way.

    God says that this life is a test to see if we will love Him with all of our heart and with all of our soul, to keep His commandments and obey His voice and serve Him and hold fast to Him. This is the only test that God gives to us. We have testing to see if we will pass His test, but there is only one test that He has given to us.

    God has always longed to show people how gracious and kind and loving He is and we will be discovering those ways in Healing the Spirit.

    "Healing The Earth" Book

    Healing The Earth is about where we live and having clean water, air, renewable and green energy, and a healthy environment. It is about stopping pollution in our environment and land so that it will be preserved for future generations.

    We will look at many of the problems facing us and our children today and how it will affect our grandchildren even more. Problems that are facing the earth today to the degree that we are seeing is unprecedented. There are so many corrupt things happening on this earth that it is hard to comprehend how anyone could be a part of such a thing.

    The main thing we can do is start with ourselves and cleaning up our own environment. Houses are likely to be more polluted than the outdoors. We will look at practical ways to clean up our own homes and what things will make the biggest impact on our lives.

    Each person must answer the call to have a cleaner environment at home and in our communities because people are getting sick and sicker. Diseases that were not heard of 100 years ago are affecting newborn babies. This is to our shame. Is this the legacy we want to give to our children? If we don’t answer the questions that are confronting our health, our children will have to live with the pain and debilitating illnesses that will surely confront them.

    Do you think that illness will pass you by and not affect you in some way? Think again. Everyone is affected by pollution and harmful chemicals that are prevalent in our foods, air, water and soil. If you do not have a disease now, you will likely die of one or the other. Which disease do you want?

    We have a choice to take charge of our environment or our environment will take charge of us. We can do our part if we choose to do so whether big or small. Changing what we do is a choice. In Healing The Earth we will give you alternatives so you can live in a cleaner and healthier environment. We will reveal new technology that is being introduced that might interest you. There are always ways to improve and Healing The Earth will help to get you on the right path to a cleaner more healthy way of doing things.

    S-H-A-R-I-N-G University Accreditation

    Students will be able to get academic credit in S-H-A-R-I-N-G University as well and receive their Associate, Bachelor, Masters, Doctorate, or PhD Degree.  In addition to receiving their degree, they can also receive credentials, licenses, and certifications for their area of expertise.

    Once a person has their credentials then we can help put together their infrastructure to accomplish their goals and purpose as a corporation, religious trust, or whatever they need to operate their ministry or business.

    We also help to establish the student’s titles such as: Doctor, Professor, Social Entrepreneur, Chaplain, Evangelist, Pastor, or whatever title matches their mission.  We can also establish diplomatic immunity for those who need it. S-H-A-R-I-N-G University is here to equip people to accomplish their purpose in life and make this a better world. Hopefully we can be of some help to you in the near future.

    At this time God has put everything into perspective and the puzzle pieces have all come together. There is still more to do and preparation work to be done and it is good to see God’s vision become a reality – just as God showed Dr. Gamet through all of his prophecies. What God has shown Dr. Gamet to do is what His heart is all about – helping the poor and sick and to be of service one to another. What a blessing to see God working right before our eyes. This is truly a time to be thankful.

    Now, it is time to begin and work. God’s vision is not run by governments but it is run by all of us banding together to allow God our Creator to work in and through us. If we believe, we will receive, and there is nothing that can stop God from accomplishing the work that he has started and that only He can bring about.