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    Tuesday, February 18, 2020

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    The worlds way is buying, selling, convincing and manipulating. SU gives practical evidence that when human beings focus instead on giving, receiving, sharing and empowering others, everyone wins. To help ensure success SU created a win, win, win environment through their Micro Learning Platform that teaches Social Entrepreneurship.

    The greatest human tragedy is unrealized potential. Whether you are wealthy or poor, young or old, whatever your circumstance, SU offers every individual who dreams of being part of the solution a chance to fulfill their God-given purpose in life.

    We Are Looking For Community Advocates

    Type of Person

    Community Advocates who join our SWAT programs are self-motivated, committed to building all SWAT companies of their own volition. These carefully selected companies adhere to SU’s strict criteria for Social Entrepreneurship. They are low cost or free to join and require no auto ships to begin making money. SWAT students buy into the concept of becoming social entrepreneurs. They work the SWAT programs by sharing these opportunities with an agreement to use their profits to upgrade in the companies their focused on and upgrade through SU's Curriculum to become Certified Community Advocates.

    Type of Benefits

  • Sharing With A Team

  • Synergy With A Team

  • Support With A Team

  • Success With A Team

  • Solutions With A Team
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