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Step 3) Master SWAT

 Billionaire Marketing

  • Consumer Marketing
    Level 8
  • Business Marketing
    Level 9
  • Creating A Global Movement

    Leaders Wanted

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    Billionaires Boot Camp

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    Streaming Bitcoin Price

    In God We Trust

    Funding Your Purpose
    Saturday, May 25, 2019

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    The worlds way is buying, selling, convincing and manipulating. SU gives practical evidence that when human beings focus instead on giving, receiving, sharing and empowering others, everyone wins. To help ensure success SU created a win, win, win environment through their Micro Learning Platform that teaches Social Entrepreneurship.

    The greatest human tragedy is unrealized potential. Whether you are wealthy or poor, young or old, whatever your circumstance, SU offers every individual who dreams of being part of the solution a chance to fulfill their God-given purpose in life.

    We Are Looking For Marketing Leaders

    Type of Person

    Marketing Leaders complete Levels 6 through 10 in the curriculum. They are challenged to learn how to think like a Billionaire by developing an unlimited mindset. With great opportunity comes equal responsibility. Marketing Leaders have the distinction of receiving leads generated by SU and are responsible for distributing those valuable leads appropriately to their Marketing Leaders. In addition, they are responsible for tracking those leads, ensuring consistent and professional follow-up and providing training and support to Student and Marketing Leaders where needed.

    Type of Benefits

  • Billionaire Opportunities

  • Billionaire Free Marketing

  • Billionaire Paid Marketing

  • We Are Looking For Community Advocates

    Type of Person

    Achieving Advocate status is the ultimate accomplishment in S-H-A-R-I-N-G University and represents the highest level of leadership in the school. Community Advocates have completed and been certified in all 10 Levels of the curriculum. They are highly trained individuals ready to serve humanity on a global scale. Ideally, Advocates are available to travel to disaster locations, and areas enduring great hardship, with the ability to make a discernible difference. This may include physical labor, high-level coaching, providing professional skill sets as needed and the ability to personally contribute financially in accordance with their God-given purpose.

    Type of Benefits

  • Travel the World, Helping People and Empowering Organizations

  • Represent SU in Prisons and with Governments around the World
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